Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because no one can ever take that knowledge from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances and grows you.

Jeez! To much study isn’t it. Yes! You guessed it right. This blog is about exams! Check your body temperature, because, unless I’m mistaken, all of you would have got exam fever shortly after reading the word “exam”. Just kidding. So, coming to the point, this blog is all about Aufnahmeprüfung.

What is Aufnahmeprüfung?

As you know, one of the procedures to enter into a German university is

Doing a Language Course  Getting admitted in a Studienkolleg Completing Studienkolleg Entering University.

This Aufnahmeprüfung is positioned between doing a language course and entering into a Studienkolleg. To put in easy words, its just an entrance exam for students who wish to attend the Studienkolleg. This exam tests whether the student’s language skills and mathematical knowledge is sufficient enough to take part in the course. Aufnahmeprüfung can be written only twice in each University, that is, in Summer semester and Winter semester. The exam takes place in the month of January or February for Summer semester and in July or August for Winter semester. However, this might vary for different Studienkollegs.

Though Aufnahmeprüfung is conducted to test ones’ knowledge in German, Chart evaluation and Mathematics, don’t forget that the exam pattern may vary for different Studienkolleg. But majority follows the given pattern:

This part of the exam lasts for 45mins- 60 mins. It’s basically like fill-in-the-blanks type. In order to clear this exam, one should have the Intermediate German level which is B1/B2 level. This subject is common for all the courses provided by every Studienkolleg (T, M, W, G course). Please keep in mind that, gadgets and dictionaries are strictly prohibited.

This is usually for 45 mins. This exam tests your knowledge in Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, Powers and Roots, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Probability, Statistics, Functions, Matrices. This exam is taken by students who wish to study T- Course, M- Course, W- Course. Only Calculator is allowed for this exam.

This test is for a duration of 30 mins. Certain statements regarding a chart will be given. You have judge whether the statement is write or wrong. This is for students who wish to study G- Course.

Every Studienkolleg has its own requirements. So, you must cross check with your chosen Studienkolleg.

All that I can say is to be calm and equipped with facts and figures to conquer this exam battle. The belief, work and efforts you have done, to get the success will definitely complete. My best wishes with you all. Don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest.

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