Account in germany

Blocked account in Germany is mainly for non-European students who wish to do their bachelors or masters or language course in Germany.

Since, you must prove that you are financially stable to pursue your studies in Germany. There are three types of bank account in Germany,

  1. Girokonto (Current Account)
  2. Sparkonto (Savings Account)
  3. Sperrkonto (Blocked Account)

Blocked account in Germany is designed for international students to prove they are financially stable to live in Germany for a year. Even though, there are other ways to show one’s financial stability, this is one of the common methods which international students use. By depositing minimum amount of 8640 euros in a blocked account, one can withdraw maximum of 720 euros per month in their savings or current bank account.

It is one of the easiest way to show your financial stability during your visa interview in German embassy/ consulate. Because, visa process requires the proof of financial resources for your living in Germany. In addition to that, you also need a blocked account to Register and get a resident permit in Germany.

 How does blocked account in Germany works?

Firstly, open a blocked account in a bank and deposit minimum of 8640 euros. After landing in Germany, open a separate savings or current bank account in a bank in Germany of your choice. This is the only way to get the monthly pay-outs from the blocked account. As a matter of fact, your blocked account can’t be used as your savings or current account. Each bank has some steps and procedures to be followed for opening a blocked account.

What are the documents that can be accepted as a proof for the source of fund?

Documents that can be accepted as verification of source of funds include bank statements, proof of scholarship and proof of donation. Make sure that the verified amount equals at least the amount that is transferred onto the account in the beginning. It must not be older than 3 months. It must be in the name of the person that is noted as the transferor on the application form.

How much should I deposit in a blocked account in Germany?

Blocked Account

You should deposit minimum of 8640 euros for a year which is 720 euros per month.


If you deposit more than that you can withdraw that extra amount anytime but when the limit reaches you can’t withdraw more than 720 euros per month.

How can I withdraw money in Germany from blocked account?

    Once you land in Germany, you have to open a separate savings account from a bank in Germany of your choice. And then, give the details of the savings account to the bank where you’ve opened a blocked account.

Note: You can’t withdraw money directly from a blocked bank account, you need a savings account for withdrawal.

How much can I withdraw per month from my blocked account?

      You can’t withdraw money directly from a blocked account in Germany, the blocked bank account releases 720 euros per month as monthly pay-outs to your savings account. You can withdraw money from your savings account.

Can I deposit more than 8640 euros in a blocked account?

      Yes you can, you can withdraw it whenever you need but when the limit reaches the bank releases only 720 euros per month.

If I work part-time in Germany do I get my salary in my Blocked Account?

     No, your salary gets credited in your savings account.

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