Are you the one who is eager to Study in Germany? Then, this might be one of the blogs you must read from our stack.

While researching about the process and procedures of Studying in Germany you might have come across Conditional offer letter and Unconditional offer letter in Germany.

Without further a due let us explain to you about Conditional offer letter in Germany.

A Conditional offer letter is a letter provided by the University you have chosen for pursuing your Bachelors in Germany. It is a formal agreement for which you have to agree to the conditions laid by the University in academic aspects.

How to obtain a Conditional offer letter in Germany?

After successful completion of your senior secondary, if you wish to study bachelors in Germany, apply for your desired University in Germany.

Once your requirements are met, the University for which you have applied will send you an invitation of acceptance with the Conditional offer letter. For which you agree to the conditions laid by your desired University in Germany.

The Conditional offer letter is also useful during the Visa Interview. It is one of the important documents you should carry during the Visa interview.

What will be the Conditions of the University in Germany?

The Conditions are more likely to complete your Studienkolleg and the language course within a specific period of time. Failing to which you may be sent to your home country after 3 attempts.

After successful completion, which satisfies the Condition the University will provide you the Unconditional offer letter.

With the Unconditional offer letter and with the University enrolment certificate you can extend your Visa and convert your Student Applicant Visa to Student Visa.