German Dessert Recipes

Ever wondered why German Bakeries are famous all around the world? Here are some of the mouthwatering German desserts you might not resist eating it. Please don’t judge the taste of the cake by its tongue twisting names.


Stollen is also known as Weihnachtsstollen in German which is a traditional German Christmas cake. Weihnachts means Christmas, sometimes it is also called as Christstollen. Weihnachtsstollen is filled with fruits, nuts and spices like cinnamon and cardamom. In addition to it, some Weihnachtsstollen is also filled with Rum to enhance the taste of the cake.

After baking the cake, some sugar powder is added to enhance the richness of the cake and making sure that the taste stays in the taste buds until you eat next time.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtortes

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte also recognized by its legendary name “Black Forest cake”. I believe you started to drool after you heard this name. “Happiness served in a plate in the form of cake.”

It’s an evenly layered spongy chocolate cake sandwiched between the whipped white cream and cherry. And the cherry adds its beautiful red color to the snowy white creamy toppings.


Berliner food in Germany

The Berliner is also one of the famous and must try food in Germany. They are also called in different names depending upon the region. And also, the fillings vary depending upon the region. It’s just the Doughnut but without the hole in the center.

Berliner are also known as krapfen which refers to Doughnut. It’s usually filled with fruit jam and is covered with sugar powder on the top of it. You can find it in every bakery across the country.


Bienenstich refers to Bee Sting. Yes, you read that right! It may not be tempting as you read. But you won’t feel the same as you take the first bite. I’m sure the taste stings your tongue and will never stop you from eating everything

Bienenstich is made with Yeast dough which makes the dessert even softer to bite. It is filled with custard cream and topped with caramelized almonds. Wait, wait! They even add honey in the top to substantiate the name of the cake.


Prinzregententorte Rezepte

Prinzregententorte is a cake which is famous in Bavaria.

It is usually seven layered spongy cake, which refers to the seven districts in Bavaria.

It has seven alternative layers of Butter and Chocolate cream and topped with apricot jam, the entire torte is tucked with Chocolate glaze.


Baumkuchen is also known as Tree Cake, because it has many layers of cake. When Baumkuchen is sliced it has a ring which mimics a tree. It is usually made with vanilla batter and covered with shiny dark chocolate.  Some add nuts, nougat and even liquor to embellish the taste of the cake.


Donauwelle is also known as Danube wave when translated, Welle refers to wave in English. Correspondingly the cake also looks like a wave and some call it as Snow-White-Cake because of its color combination. The cake is completely covered with chocolate and decorated with wavy pattern. The cake is made with butter, flour, eggs, sugar and sour cherries.

Rote Grütze

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Rote Grütze is also known as Red Groats which means red berries, it is one of the famous summer desserts.

It is made with fresh berries and cherries, and is accompanied with Vanilla Sauce and Yogurt.