Yes, you can join in a university by skipping the Studienkolleg, each and every university has different set of criteria, so it’s better to cross check with the university you’ve chosen. You should have the specific German knowledge. As a matter of fact, you have to start your bachelors/ masters course from first. You can’t continue your course because the education system may completely differ from your home country.

You have to check with your concerned university, because each and every university has their own criteria.

  • Learn German.
  •  Complete your high school in your home country and join in a studienkolleg or pursue one year course in your home country which is equivalent to studienkolleg.
  • Open a blocked account.
  • Apply for a visa.
  • Clear the final exam in studienkolleg (FSP) or complete one year course in your home country.
  • Apply for the bachelors course in Germany

There won’t be any tuition fee. If there is any tuition fee, it will be less when compared with other countries.

  • If you are provided with an unconditional offer letter from the university, apply for the Student Applicant Visa.
  • If you are given with a conditional offer letter from the university, apply for the Student Visa.
  • If you are going to pursue a language course in Germany, apply for a language course visa
  • Conditional offer letter is an admission letter where you have met all the requirements of the university and free to pursue bachelors program in Germany. With the conditional offer you can apply for a student visa in Germany.
  • Unconditional offer letter is not an admission letter from the university, you can only pursue a course in Studienkolleg with the unconditional offer letter. With the Unconditional offer letter you can apply for a student applicant visa.

Studienkolleg is a preparatory course to bridge the academic learning procedure in your home country and the academic learning process in Germany.

Yes, because most of the subjects/ courses are taught in German.

You should have a proficiency in German Language (Minimum B2 Level). You must need an adequate knowledge in German and in English for both studienkolleg and for university

Yes you have to open a blocked account in Germany. It is as one of the mandatory requirement for visa interview.

You should deposit minimum 8640 euros in a blocked account

Travel insurance is mandatory. You can take a valid Health Insurance in your home country or after landing in Germany.

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