Germany has a rich and diverse food culture. There are many different foods to try in Germany. Each state in Germany has its own special food, which may not be special in the other. Because each state was once standalone before it was united. German dishes reveal its tradition, history and vast diversity.

Berlin is the Vegan Capital of Europe.

You say the name and we’ve got everything. Be it a Vegan or a meat eater, a beer person or a teetotaler Germans have everything for you. Germany is not only famous for Beer, but it is also famous for its traditional Bread, Cheese, and Sausage.

In this article, you can know about the German’s food culture, tradition, and famous food.

German Food culture

As like every other country Germany also has Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. In addition to that Germans do munch during the mid-time. Let’s see those interesting facts,

Breakfast (Frühstück):

The typical German breakfast is Bread with some toppings such as butter, jam, and even honey. Cheese and Sausage is also a popular breakfast in Germany. Germans feel satisfied when the breakfast is accompanied with some juice. Cereals are also a common breakfast in Germany and are consumed by young people most likely college students. It is consumed with milk, dry fruits, and nuts.

In today’s world, the common food in Germany is cereal. It is easy to cook and doesn’t need much time to prepare. Most of the Germans now tend to follow the western culture leaving their traditional food behind. However, the traditional food of Germany which is cheese, bread and sausage are alive and people in Germany at least eat during weekend accompanying with egg.

Germans try to keep their main meal light. Instead, they munch some snack in the meantime. Germans believe that this practice prevents overeating during Lunch and Dinner. Eating a snack between breakfast and lunch is a tradition in German schools.

For your kind information, German students do not eat their meal in school. There is a long break between breakfast and lunch. In the meantime, they eat a snack to keep their energy level up. They eat their lunch after going home.

There are different words for describing the meal eaten in between the breakfast and lunch such as Second breakfast (Zweites Frühstück), Break bread (Pausenbrot). Even adults too follow these breaks to keep their energy level up. In the traditional aspect, Germans tend to eat their main meal during their lunch. Due to western culture influence, now they follow the internationally recognized timings.

 Lunch (Mittagessen)

Traditional Germans eat their main meal during lunch. Due to work habit now they eat their main meal during the evening. In the meantime, they consume some snack like bread, sandwich, and even fruits to keep up the energy level. The typical lunch consists of Sausage, meatballs, mashed potatoes, vegetables, noodles, and rice.

Dinner (Abendessen)

Germans eat their dinner very light. As like breakfast, dinner too contains bread, sausage, etc. Mostly the Dinner is accompanied by salads and beer. It is usually a light meal which is had in 7-8pm in the evening.

And talking about food, how I can leave the signature food of Germany, Beer. Beers are considered as a food in Bavaria. Usually, adults have a beer during Dinner.

Oktoberfest the famous beer festival in Germany.

It happens during the month of late September and early October. In Germany, it is legal to consume beer in public but smoking in public is illegal. And the fact you heard is true, In Germany Beer is Cheaper than Water.

Dining Etiquette in Germany

  • Firstly, you have to order and pay for the Water bottle. Yes, water is not free in Restaurants in Germany. You could either ask for tap water or sparkling water.
  • Germans tend to use fork, spoon or knife rather than eating in hand. Make sure you are placing the fork and knife on the right place, because there are cutlery signs which represent an action to be taken by the waiter.
    For instance, keeping the fork and knife crossed denotes that you are on a pause, keeping your fork and knife on the side denotes that you are finished with eating.
  • Don’t forget to compliment the food taste before leaving the restaurant. When drinking together, wait for the other person, say cheers and then drink.
  • It is completely ok to sit with a stranger and have food, but before that make sure to ask if the seat is free or not.
  • German restaurants do accept Credit cards but cash is more commonly practiced.