German Language

Hey folks, interested in learning German?  Keep up the pace, with no more due let’s get into the learning process. There are 6 different levels in German Language namely A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Each level plays a major role in requirement depending on your degree/ course you are choosing.

Each level denotes your Proficiency in German Language

Level A1-Beginner Level

It is the Beginner level. Once you complete this level you can able to use and understand the simple expression and the words used on daily basis. You can able to introduce yourself and ask others about themselves. You can understand only simple sentences, only when the other person talks slowly.  It takes at least 4 weeks to successfully complete this level.

Level A2

It is the advanced beginner Level. When you complete this level you can understand frequently used sentence in familiar areas. It takes at least 4 weeks to complete this level. Both A1 and A2 levels are known as Elementary level. It is the basic of German Language.

Level B1-Intermediate Level

It is the Pre-Intermediate level of German Language. Once you complete this level you can describe your interest, ambition and passion. You can understand the main points of a clear standard language. You can make basic grammatically correct sentences. It takes 4 weeks to complete this level.

Level B2

It is the Intermediate level in German Language.  You can understand the main concept of complex texts. You can able to get a better fluency in German when having a conversation. This level is a mandatory requirement for pursuing a preparatory course in Germany. Upon completing this level you can speak German independently and effortlessly.  It takes at least 8 weeks to attain this level.

Level C1-Independent Level

This level is a prerequisite for pursuing bachelors in Germany. You can understand long complex texts, abstract contents and express spontaneously. You don’t have to search for words upon completing this level. You can put forth a clear, well-structured context to a native speaker. It takes at least 8 weeks to complete this level.

Level C2 

This is a Pro level or Advanced Level. Once you complete this level you can speak fluently like a native German. You can express yourself spontaneously and find different shades in a context. You can visually understand other’s ideas and act upon it.

You cannot pursue a degree/ course in Germany without knowing German. Most of the courses are taught in German. There are some courses taught in English but for survival you have to learn German. Most people in Germany speak German and not English. German is spoken in most of the cities in Europe.

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