blocked account in german

   Opening a blocked account is an online process, where you’ve to provide the necessary information. As a matter of fact, passport is a mandatory requirement to open a blocked account in Germany, you’ll have to provide a copy of it for opening a blocked account.

Note, for Opening a blocked account in Germany each bank has their own set rules and procedures.

When should I open a blocked account?

      You can open a blocked account before or after getting an admission letter from the University but before visa interview. However, for visa permits you should need a blocked account with minimum of 8640 euros in it. It’s advisable to open a blocked account at the time of registration in a University in Germany, it reduces lot of hustle and tension.

Where should I open a Blocked Account in Germany?

       Choose a blocked account provider of your choice and follow the procedures. There are many blocked account providers, some may be available in your home country itself, choose the trusted, efficient and the one who takes less time to process.

How long does it take to open a blocked account in Germany?

Blocked Accounts for Germany

         Your blocked account will be active within 24 hours. Eventually, you’ll get a mail with the details of your account and account number within a couple of days.

After that, using the German Account Number (IBAN), you can transfer money to your blocked account from your home country.
(Minimum 8640 + service charges)

How to close my blocked account in Germany?

      If you’ve completed your studies in Germany and have to close the blocked account, go to your respective bank, fill and submit the account closing form.


If your visa application is rejected and wish to close your blocked account in Germany and transfer the balance to another account. In that case, the bank needs a document from the local German immigration office responsible for issuing the residence permit.

Nevertheless, the bank might also need the original notice rejection for the visa application with the stamp of Germany embassy. In addition to it, a written instruction to close the blocked account in Germany and transfer the balance to another account. However, the bank charges transfer fee.

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