“Getting a job in Germany is difficult and that too as International Student it is way more competitive” is just a myth. With the right skill and the right knowledge on the industry, one can bag a job anywhere. All you got to do is, put little more effort and find what works well with that specific country.

For now, let us give you a quick tip on how to get a job in Germany as an International Student.

Sign-up in Job Portals

Yes, signing up in the job portal will be beneficial in all possible ways. You can get instant notification on the current job openings for your preferred role.

Here are some of the job portals which can help you to get a job in Germany

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Xing
  3. Indeed
  4. Monster

Learn German

Learning German can benefit you in so many ways, from interacting with the locals to getting a job and settling in Germany. There are English taught Bachelors and Masters Programme in Germany but learning German would be beneficial in finding jobs and helps in excelling in it. Most importantly if your resume or CV is German, there are more chances that a hiring manager can pick you in the first place.

Attending Conferences, Meetups and Job Fairs

You can meet most of the amazing professionals and business personalities in conferences and meetups. You can easily connect with those personalities and share your skill and knowledge with them. And who knows, your hiring manager may sit next to you and observe you.

Internship and Part-time job in your field of interest

Doing an Internship/Part-time job in the field of your interest during your semester holidays can also be beneficial to get a job in Germany. It shows not only your experience but also your interest and dedication towards the job.

Skills matter a lot!

During your course, try to improve your skills and knowledge in the field of your interest. Try to indulge yourself in as many projects as possible. The companies in Germany will not give as much importance to the University you studied or the grades you have scored during the course. But they will give more importance to your skills and the projects you have involved during your course.

To conclude, International Students cannot get a job in Germany is just a big Myth, you just have to work hard on the right things and then you can easily bag a job in Germany.