Hey lovely folks. During a small chit-chat with my juniors a few days back, the most frequently asked question to me was, “What all should I do to study Bachelors in Germany?”. This question galvanized me to write this blog.

Once you have decided Germany as a study point then, there are a set of procedures to follow in order to enter into the Federal Republic of Germany. And these procedures are termed as the pathway program. Pathway Program is nothing but a 2- year journey for students who desire to do Bachelors in Germany. In this program international students are given a proper tutelage for them to achieve the German education standards. This is simply take-one-step-at-a-time curriculum.

There are

  • Graduating from High school
  • Preparation of the Documents.
  • Visa
  • Language course
  • Aufnahmeprüfung
  • Studienkolleg
  • Festellungsprüfung
  • University

Let me elaborate each procedure.

Like the usual stuffs, graduating from high school is mandatory to do Bachelors everywhere. In this situation, a must know fact is, you should have a minimum of 60% as your grade in High school to enter into a German University. But at least 70% or plus is recommended. If this requirement is met, then you can directly start your preparation for the further studies in Germany.

The next one in line is preparing your documents. This includes getting Admission in a language school and maybe a conditional admission into a University. Then comes doing A1 level in your home country. This is absolutely a choice but we recommend this. Coming to Germany with a little knowledge about the language will definitely come in handy during your initial stay here

Starting with Visa, it is the most fundamental thing to enter into any foreign country. But there are different types of visa for Germany. You can get a visa stating that you are going to prepare yourself for the University. This visa is given for two years, during which you should complete Language course and Studienkolleg. The primary requirement to get a visa is have a blocked account of 8660 Euros in any German Bank, a health insurance and offer letter from the Institution you wish to study in. Once your visa is approved, you enter into Germany as a student who is going to lay the groundwork for Bachelors That’s all with respect to this point. And oh! Don’t forget that which ever visa you get, you can visit other Schengen countries. Just explore!

Coming to the Language course, you need C1 level in order to do Bachelors in German Language. If you are student who has only 12 years of schooling then you would be doing up to B1/ B2 in a Language school and C1 level in Studienkolleg. You start your language course in your chosen school and obtain German knowledge up to B1/ B2 level. This might take around 8 months after which you can take a preparatory course for Aufnahmeprüfung which again is optional depending on the individual’s choice.

Aufnahmeprüfung. This is nothing but an Entrance examination written by students who wish to do Studienkolleg in Public Institution at free of cost. This exam varies for different Studienkolleg. This exam tests your German and Mathematical skills. You can write this exam twice in each Studienkolleg but not more than that. Please refer this link to know in detail what Aufnahmeprüfung is. This exam is usually not written by students who wish to do the course in Private Studienkolleg.

Once the Aufnahmeprüfung is cleared then you get into the Studienkolleg. Studienkolleg is a course that bridges the gap between International studies and German System usually comprising of 2 semesters. This is because Germans have 13 years of schooling. When compared to the other nations, their school education system is advanced. Therefore, this course is done by students whose high school certificate isn’t recognised by the German Institutions. Students who have 13 years of schooling or has 12 years of schooling and one years of Bachelors done in Home Country (which sums up to 13 years of education) can skip this course. Studienkolleg teaches the students German and other technical subjects in German. By the end of this course the student will definitely reach the C1 level in German language which is the most important criterion to enter into a University. To know the full details about this please click here.

The habitual method of conducting a final exam happens here also and that is after the completion of Studienkolleg. This is called as the Festellungsprüfung. One has to pass this exam to enrol in a University. A note 4 is the minimum grade that one needs to get. With this note you can definitely enter into a Public University. But a higher note will be required to get the desired course in the University you want. To know more please see. “”

And that’s it, you are now entitled to do the Bachelors in Germany. A word of caution is that you are given only 2 years to complete all these steps. By the end of 2nd year if you don’t have a University admission then you might be sent back to your home country.

So that’s all students. Please come back to us for further details.

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