Studienkolleg in Germany

In Germany there are many Private Studienkollegs. Each Private Studienkollegs offer different type of course such as M course, T course, W course and G course.There are approximately 15 to 20 seats available in each course in a Private Studienkolleg in Germany.

For pursuing a course in a Private Studienkolleg in Germany you don’t have to write an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung). On the bright side, some Private Studienkollegs also offer Language course too.

So with the minimum knowledge in German language you can apply for a Private Studienkolleg. Private Studienkolleg charges students for tuition fee. At the same time, teacher student ratio does not exceed 1:15 ratio.

For instance, you will be pursuing German Language till A1 or A2 level in your home country and then you’ll be pursuing rest of levels in Germany. Later on, after completing the Language course you will be pursuing a course of your choice in Studienkolleg.

The Intakes are flexible for Private Studienkolleg, there are more the two intakes which are in the month of January, April, August and September. Each Private Studienkolleg in Germany demands its own requirement so its good to verify with the concerned studienkolleg.

Process of a Private Studienkolleg in Germany

In the Private Studienkolleg, you will be trained for your language proficiency and some subjects depending on the course you are choosing. Some Private Studienkolleg in Germany offers Language course which is known as Pathway Program. To attain the specified proficiency in German language you at least need 8-10 months of time.

Firstly, you will be on the verge of completing your language course at least up to B1/B2 level. And then after completing the language course, you will be joining in a Studienkolleg. Only after completing the Language course you are entitled to pursue a course in Studienkolleg in Germany for a Year.

Later on, you should complete the final exam of Studienkolleg (FSP). Only after completing the final exam you can pursue a Bachelors course in Germany.

Advantages of joining a Private Studienkolleg in Germany

  • Some Private Studienkolleg offers Language course.
  • There is no entrance exam to join in a Private Studienkolleg
  • The teacher student ratio is 1:15, so that the student can get more guidance from the teacher.
  • Studienkolleg’s invitation letter, which helps during Visa interview.
  • Conditional admission letter from a University.
  • Some Private Studienkollegs additionally offers City registration, Visa extension, Airport pickup and helps in finding accommodation.