permit in Germany

Travelling across oceans and nations to find your place on the planet is awe-inspiring. Staying in that place till you accomplish your goal is equally important.

Just like any other country, Germany has got some norms and rules for those who visits the country as well. Residence permit tells you simply how long you can stay in the German land. Germany has separate policies for people from EU countries and Non-EU countries.

If you’re intended to stay for more than 90 days in Germany, you have to apply for a Residence Permit. Obtaining a residence permit in Germany will allows you to study, work or engage in other activities inside the country.

Generally, one can apply for residence permit in Germany from their home country or get a Schengen visa to enter and stay for 3 months. This article is exclusively for those aspiring to do bachelors in Germany. Hence we will stick with Temporary Residence Permit for academic purposes only.

Know your Purpose of Visit

Your activities in Germany should always be aligned with your residence permit.

Once you have obtained your student visa, you are eligible to apply for a residence permit. The validity of the student visa is 3 months within which you have to apply for the temporary residence permit. Normally the validity of the temporary residence permit will be the duration of the college program, however, you initially be offered two year residence permit which can be extended if necessary.

Note: You have to apply for an extension before your residence permit expires.

Work while you study

Germany allows the college students to work part-time during their period of study. Students aren’t allowed to sign long term work contracts. You’re are permitted to work full-time for 120 days or part time for 240 days. We highly recommend you to take part-time jobs related to your line of studies.

Residence Permit beyond graduation

One of the advantages offered by the government of Germany is you can extend your residence permit for another 18 months after Graduation. You can secure a job within that period of time. Once, you start working you can apply for the employment residence permit.

How to apply?

You can apply for a residence permit at the Alien Registration Office. It’s a public authority that registers resident’s location which is located in every town in Germany.

Documents needed while applying for Residence Permit in Germany:

  1. Confirmation of registration from the resident’s registration office
  2. Proof of Health insurance
  3. Certificate of enrollment or student ID from your University
  4. Proof of financial resources(If needed)
  5. Valid passport and student visa
  6. Your tenancy agreement
  7. Bio-metric passport photos
  8. Money for the residence permit fee