Let’s start with the Blocked Account in Germany. Further, we will guide you through the steps involved in Opening a Blocked Account in Germany.

Blocked Account

A blocked account is an account which is mainly used by the International Students and Job Seekers in Germany. It is designed for International Students to ensure their living is financially stable for a particular period of time. Even though there are other ways to prove one’s financial stability, it is one of the common methods used by International Students in Germany.

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How to open a Blocked Account

Each bank/ blocked account provider has different ways to open a Blocked account in Germany. Some bank involves a lot of paper works but in other banks, you can open a Blocked account through their Online portal.  In some banks opening a blocked account is a tedious process but others do have some easy process. You just have to upload the necessary information and documents on their website.

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Steps involved in Opening a Blocked Account

Step 1: It is an online process and it reduces a lot of paper works.

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Step 2: Application Process

Enter the necessary information and upload the documents, your account will be processed towards the opening. You will get the confirmation of your account and the account details via email within two working days.

Step 3: Amount Deposition

With that blocked account details you can transfer the sufficient amount (minimum 8640 euros) through your local bank or any Foreign exchange service to your blocked account.

Step 4: Amount Confirmation

Once your amount is transferred to your blocked account, you will get the confirmation of the amount that you have deposited in your Blocked Account via email.

Step 5: Visa Interview

With that confirmation letter for your finances, you can apply for the Visa Interview. It is advisable to take a printed copy of it and then file it with the documents which are required for the Visa Interview.

Blocked account/proof of finances is one of the mandatory requirement for a Student Visa and Student Applicant Visa in Germany. So, it is advisable to carry a printed copy of it and file it with the necessary documents.

Step 6: Enrollment

After getting your visa, reach Germany and enroll yourself in your respective University and get your enrollment certificate.

Note: Enrollment certificate and Confirmation certificate from the University totally differ from each other and are used in different places.

You will get a Confirmation Certificate when the University’s requirement matches with yours when you apply. It’s like an invitation letter from the University if you wish you can enroll in the University.

Confirmation Certificate is used in Visa Interview and also in opening a Blocked account.

You will get the Enrollment certificate when you enroll yourself in a University after reaching Germany. You have to enroll in a University with the confirmation letter. Only after enrolling you will be one of the students at the University.

Enrollment certificate will be used in the local residence registration office and in opening a Current Account (Girokonto) or a Savings Account (Sparkonto) in Germany

Step 7: Register with the local resident office

With that enrollment certificate, find an Accommodation and register with the local residence registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) within two weeks. In addition, you need to get the Confirmation of Registration (Anmeldebestätigung) or the Registration card (Meldebescheinigung) as a proof of your registration.

Step 8: Open a Current/ Savings Account after reaching Germany

You can open a Current or a Savings bank account in any banks in Germany. Some banks even offer a free bank account.

Only with the Current Account (Girokonto) or a Savings Account (Sparkonto) in Germany you can unblock your blocked account and get your monthly payouts in any of the aforementioned bank accounts of your choice.

Step 9: Uploading documents

Share the details of your Current Account (Girokonto) or a Savings Account (Sparkonto) in Germany and upload the following documents,

  • Enrollment Certificate from your University.
  • Confirmation of Registration (Anmeldebestätigung) or the Registration Card (Meldebescheinigung)

Step 10: Get the Monthly pay-outs

The monthly payouts will be deposited in your Current Account (Girokonto) or a Savings Account (Sparkonto) in Germany. During the first payout, the excess amount (more than 8650 euros) will be credited to your Current/Savings account.


Note: The first pay-out starts after two weeks of linking your Current Account (Girokonto) or a Savings Account (Sparkonto) in Germany. The rest of the pay-outs will be on the 1st week of every month.