What is Studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg is a bridging course done by international students whose high school certificate isn’t recognised by the German Institution. This course is for a duration of two semesters. You can check in “” website whether your high school degree is valid or not in Germany.

Why Studienkolleg?

In order to do a bachelors in Germany, one should have 13 years of education. If anyone fails to meet this requirement then he/ she can do the Studienkollege for a year. So basically, students who have only 12 years of schooling are more prone to do this course. And moreover it is a path way program that traverses the gap between international education and German system.

How many types of Studienkollegs are there?

Based on Universities there are two types of Studienkollegs, one affiliated to Technical University and the other affiliated to University of Applied Sciences.

Based on remuneration there are two types of Studienkolleg, one is Public Studienkolleg and another is Private Studienkolleg.

What is the difference between Public Studienkolleg and Private Studienkolleg?

Public Studienkolleg also known as State-Run Studienkolleg has no tuition fee. You can enter this kind off Studienkolleg once you clear the Aufnahmeprüfung (entrance exam). And the certificate provided on clearing Festellungsprüfung (final exam) is recognised and valid through out Germany. Private Studienkolleg usually charge certain amount. You have to make sure that the certificate offered by the Studienkolleg in which you wish to study offers a certificate which is valid in all of Germany. Or else the other option in hand is writing Festellungsprüfung as an external candidate in a Public University.

Why private Studienkolleg?

In the recent times the number of international students entering into Germany has increased, resulting in a competition for the free seats at public Studienkolleg, so it is easier to enter into a Private Institution. Another convenience is that you can enter a Private Studienkolleg without writing Aufnahmeprüfung (entrance exam), which is not possible in a public Studienkolleg.

What are the courses provided in a Studienkolleg?

The courses provided by Studienkolleg affiliated to University are:

  • M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees
  • T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees
  • W-course: for business, Economics and social science degrees
  • G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies
  • S-course: for language degrees

The courses provided by Studienkolleg affiliated to University of Applied Science are:

  • TI-course: for technical and engineering degrees
  • WW-course: for economics and business degrees
  • GD-course:for design and art degrees
  • SW-course: for social science degrees

*Please be familiar with the fact that, students who complete Studienkolleg affiliated to University of Applied Sciences can not do Bachelors in Technical University.

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