If you are the one who is new or the one who is willing to move to Germany, then this article will help you to stay away from some awkward situations. There are things which are to be done right after you reach Germany. In addition, there are a few things that have to be done before leaving your home country.

Basic things to do before reaching Germany

Money conversion

It’s better to convert your home country’s currency into Euros in your home country itself. There are some Currency Exchanges at the airport but you have to pay a lot to convert your money into Euros. To have a hustle-free entry, it’s advisable to convert your local currency into euros in your home country.


Book accommodation at least for your initial stay in Germany. You may face many difficulties without booking accommodation. After reaching Germany, check-in to your hotel/hostel and start searching for shared/unshared apartments.

If you are sure about the University, you can book/apply for a place to stay from your home country itself.

Things to do after reaching Germany


If you have booked hotels/hostels only for your initial stay, it’s better to apply for an apartment immediately after you reach Germany and move into the new apartment. This process of moving into a new apartment is very important because you need a stable current address for many other processes.

University Enrollment

It is one of the important things to do after reaching Germany. Only after enrolling at the University you can unblock your blocked account and register with the local residence registration office.

After enrolling you will be a part of the student community in the University. You will be getting an enrollment certificate and a semester ticket with which you can use public transport for free in the University’s surroundings.

 Residence Registration (Anmeldung)

After finding an accommodation register yourself with the local residence registration office (Rathaus). Take an appointment and carry the necessary documents such as the University enrollment certificate, contract for accommodation, visa, and passport.

Open a Bank Account

Be it a Current or a Savings account, open a bank account and then share the details with the Blocked Account Provider, so that you can get the monthly pay-outs in your current or savings bank account.

Sim card

Sim card is one of the important things where ever you go. As you all know it is one of the main things to contact a person. You also need a sim card for the Internet, you don’t get free Wi-Fi everywhere. So, it’s better to get a local sim card as soon as you reach Germany. This costs you around 20 Euros.