Culture of Germany

If you are new to Germany you’ll be astounded by some amazing German culture, facts and tradition. Come on, let’s get amazed by some German facts.


Let’s start from the entry in Germany. When you use the escalator please stand on the left side of the escalator because the right side is meant for Fastrack.

Germans try to be precise and they don’t hide anything by having any grudges. So they used to say things straight forward and never argue over the topic again. They make appointments for anything and everything, this makes them committed, reserved for a particular time. In the meantime, they can also be productive.

Germans are hard workers, they love to abide by rules and regulations of the Government. Punctuality is among the greatest trait among Germans. They try to be organized both in personal and professional life.

English speakers call Germany as Germany but Germans call Germany as Deutschland. Being English spoken all over the world, Germans try to enhance their language and values by speaking German. German is the third most spoken language in the World. The main religion followed by most of the Germans is Christianity.

Being Berlin the Capital of Germany, it has lot of touristy attractions to offer. Even though there are many other places in Germany which has a picturesque location, Berlin stands out not because of the capital but because of the Brandenburg Gate.  Germany has many more to offer from the classic castles to the beer breweries everything in Germany is so attractive and unique.


Bread being the staple food of Germans, they tend to eat it anytime. You shouldn’t be surprised to see Germans eating bread for both Breakfast and Dinner. They take pride in having the bread, Germans feel home sick without bread and sausages.

Guide to German Breads

It is whole new classic process of baking the bread. As a matter of fact, they even have more than 300 different types of bread and 1200 types of bread roll varieties.

Other than bread there are sausages which are known as wruts in German. The Sausages are made with meat, pork and are flavored with some spices.

Meat, pork is also one among the common foods in Germany. Germans got every food varieties for every foodies out there, be it vegan or non-vegan, beer consumer or teetotaler. You name it, German’s have got it.

Talking about food in Germany, how can I set the Beer aside? Beer is most commonly consumed by Germans. Even beer is considered as a food in Bavaria.  For the fact, it is legal to consume Beer in public but smoking in public is illegal. In addition, it is legal to consume beer from the age of 16. 


Due to the Western invasion of work culture in every part of the world, even Germans adapted themselves to the western culture. Germans prefer to wear suits for work with some layering of clothes during winter. You know the winters are really cold and snowy in Germany.

Oktoberfest in germany

Even though they adapt the Western culture, they didn’t leave their tradition behind. They wear their traditional outfit during some important occasions like Oktoberfest and so on.

The traditional outfit of Germans are for men Lederhosen, a Shirt with suspenders and leather shoes. The Lederhosen are leather trousers and are usually up to knee length. For Women, its Dirndl, bodice and a skirt. The dirndl is nothing but a ruffled apron.

Don’t be surprised to witness some stares if you aren’t wearing one of these outfits during Oktoberfest.


Germans are avid Footballers. They are one of them who are very much fond of Football. As a matter of fact, German Football team remains one of the most powerful and strongest football team in the world.

The German Football Association has over 6 million registered members (about 8% of the population) in some 26,000 clubs, more than any other country. Germany has participated in 18 finals out of 20 world championship matches. It has won four times in the world football championship. Despite the loss in final, they tend to maintain top three positions in the chart.

Once the former England’s footballer Gary Lineker said:

“Football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the 
end, the Germans always win”

Football being the prominent sport, Germans used to play ice skating during winter. People from different part of the world come down to Germany to play Ice Skating during Christmas. It’s one of the famous game during winter.


Talking about Christmas in Germany, I could only think of Christmas markets, Ice Skating and Glühwein. I could say the Christmas is a long-run festival in Christmas markets. People tend to hang out with their loved ones In the Christmas market by sipping some Glühwein.

Christmas market in Germany

Ice skating is one of the famous winter sport in Germany. People from different part of the world come to Germany and spend some time playing Ice skating with their family and friends.

German’s care and kindness

Germans take care of each other, you can see a lost and found tree in every parks in Germany. For instance, if loose something in the park you can find the product hanging a tree.