German weather

This article comprises of answers for lot of your weather related questions in Germany such as What will be the weather condition in Germany? , How many seasons are there in Germany? and so on. Without further a due let’s jump into the topic.

Basically, there are 4 seasons in Germany namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Germany during Spring (Frühling)

After the freezing cold winter, a slight ray of hope arises from the sun. In the meantime most of the people in Germany come out and spend some quality time with their family in this season.  Though it is known as the beginning of summer, the climate varies every day. For instance, one day the weather will be warm, the other day it will be cold and even a snow fall will not be a surprise.

fruehling Flowers

The popular seasonal flower Frühlings Blumen blooms during this season. People tend to buy and plant this in their Garden. These flowers bring color to the Garden and Balcony after the Winter. During this season Germany becomes colorful after the snowy winter.

Many tourist visit Germany in this season. Basically, spring arrives in the month of March and ends in the month of May. The temperature will be around 0 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius.

Germany during Summer (Sommer)

Everyone in Germany waits for summer season, particularly tourists. You can see more tourists in this season. Because the weather is pleasant and is apt for hiking, so many tourists prefer this season to visit Germany. The summer starts from the month of June and ends in the month of August.

winter in germany

During Summer, many festivals, parties happens in Germany. Summer is livelier in Germany, people hangout more time outside, they go to beaches, hiking… It is the time for explorers and wanderlusts to explore Germany. There are almost 2 weeks of summer break.

The average temperature will rise around 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Kindly don’t underestimate Germany’s weather. It may rain even during summer, so don’t forget to take your umbrella when you are going out.

Germany during Autumn (Herbst)

The legendary Oktoberfest happens during this season in Munich. It is celebrated from late September to early October for 16 Days. It is also known as national beer festival. As you all know Germany is also famous for beers.


  • People from different parts of the world come and enjoy this fest. There is a special outfit worn on this fest.
  • Don’t be surprised to get stares if you weren’t wearing one of those outfits.
  • The Weather is pleasant and the University starts at this time.

Basically, this season comes during the month of September to November. The temperature may fall to 19 degree Celsius to 2 degree Celsius.

Germany during Winter (Winter)

Get ready to warm yourself! Winters can get really cold and freezing.  The temperature will drop drastically and goes below 0 degree Celsius, on some occasions the temperature may even drop to -20 degree Celsius. The Christmas markets runs in a full swing during this season.

Markets Gluhwein

The Christmas markets will start during the last week of November. The market welcomes the visitors with the attractive colorful lightings and on the other side people enjoy the Glühwein. Some people in Germany even predict the arrival of winter by seeing the Glühwein in shops.

Glühwein is nothing but a warm wine which is made by Germans during winter. Since the winters are really cold in Germany people consume it during dinner instead of Beer.

This season will last for 3 months which starts from the month of December and ends in the month of February. During winter, the whole country will be filled with beautiful white snow.